Lafferty Ranch Context Photographs

Lafferty Ranch on Sonoma Mountain overlooks Petaluma, California, a city of 50,000 residents, as seen in this spectacular Scott Hess photo taken from Lafferty Ranch:

The following photographs by Scott Hess give an idea of Lafferty's location relative to the rest of Sonoma Mountain and to the town of Petaluma, California.

Lafferty Ranch and Sonoma Mountain as seen from Petaluma

Sonoma Mountain dominates the town of Petaluma from the northeast, as seen in this summer photograph, above. Faint black lines are drawn on the photo showing the boundary lines of Lafferty Ranch.

Lafferty Ranch from the air

:Lafferty ranch boundaries from the air, approaching from the direction of Petaluma (southwest). Sonoma Mountain Road is labeled at the center bottom. The white buildings, green lawns, and ponds of the Pfendler residence are visible to the left of Lafferty. The patch of green near the base of Lafferty is a vernal pool. Note the relationship of the upper Lafferty meadows to the crest of Sonoma Mountain.

Another view of Lafferty Ranch from the air.

This aerial view of Lafferty Ranch from the side shows it is not as narrow and steep as it appears from the valley floor.

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