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Special event monitor is a person who has completed a traffic control program approved by the California Highway Patrol in accordance with the provisions of Section 12200 of the California Vehicle Code.

Director is Sonoma County director of transportation and public works. (Ord. No. 4833, 1994: Ord. No. 1182 2.)

Article VI. Procedure for the Permitting of Special Events

Sec. 15-24. Definitions.

Special event is an organized procession or assemblage of people on a county highway which would impact vehicular traffic or create a safety problem. Examples of special events include but are not limited to walkathons, runs, marathons, trail rides, bicycle races, fairs, celebrations, parades and other similar activities. Bicycle events for which participants are required to comply with the provisions of the California Vehicle Code applicable to persons riding a bicycle upon a highway are not special events for the purposes of the ordinance codified in this article.

Sec. 15-25. Permit requirements.

No special event shall take place on Sonoma County highways which involve more than fifty (50) participants, unless the sponsoring persons, corporations, city, club, organization, association, etc. has applied for and been issued a special event permit pursuant to this article.

The county's purpose for requiring permits to be obtained is to ensure the safety of both the special event's participants and vehicular traffic.

Sec. 15-26. Permit issuance.

The director may issue a written permit for an applicant to hold a special event. Once the application has been filed, the permit will be either approved, conditionally approved or denied within ten (10) working days. A permit which is not acted upon within ten (10) working days shall be considered approved.

Any person desiring to conduct a special event shall file an application for a permit not less than thirty (30) days nor more than one (1) year before the date on which such special event is proposed to be conducted.

Upon a showing by applicant of good cause, the director may consider an application which is filed less than thirty (30) days before the date such event is proposed to be conducted, provided that there shall be no appeal from the director's determination.

Compliance with article and terms of permit: Any special event allowed under the authority of a permit issued pursuant to this ordinance shall be conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions shown on the permit.

Sec. 15-27. Revocation of permit.

The director reserves the right to cancel, postpone or terminate a special event at any time if, in the opinion of the director, weather or any other conditions are present which may significantly affect the safety of event participants and/or vehicular traffic, or if the applicant violates any condition of the permit.

Sec. 15-28. Violation of permit ordinance.

Except as otherwise provided in Division 17, Offenses and Prosecution, Paragraph 40000.1 of the California Vehicle Code, it is unlawful and constitutes an infraction for any person to violate or fail to comply with the provisions of this article.

Sec. 15-29. Fees for the issuance of special event permits.

The board of supervisors reserves the right to establish fees to recover costs.

Sec. 15-30. Supervision of special event activities.

The director shall not supervise any of the activities conducted under the authority of a permit. Supervision of the activities which result from the permit having been issued is entirely the responsibility of the permittee.

The permittee, sponsoring organization, or its representatives will be required to provide the name of at least one person from the organization who is responsible for special event monitors whenever special event monitors are required as a condition of the special event permit.

Sec. 15-31. Indemnification of county of Sonoma.

Before issuing a permit pursuant to the ordinance codified in this article, the director shah require each applicant to file with the director a statement in which permittee agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the county of Sonoma, the board of supervisors of the county of Sonoma, its agents, and employees from any and all liability actions, claims, damages, costs or expenses including attorney's fees, costs and expenses of legal actions which may be asserted by any person or entity. including permittee, arising out of or in connection with the willful act or negligence of permittee.

Sec. 15-32. Insurance to be provided by permittee.

Before issuing a permit pursuant to the ordinance codified in this article, the director shall require each applicant to file with the director a certificate of insurance showing the maintenance of insurance in an amount appropriate to cover the liability of the permittee for property damage and injuries to persons in connection with the activities done in accordance with the permit.

Sec. 15-33. Conditions of permits.

Before issuing the permit, the director may confer with the county environmental health department, permit and resource management department, the California Highway Patrol, and other governmental agencies or county departments which he deems necessary in order to adequately condition the permit being requested. Permit terms and conditions shall, where applicable, regulate the following matters:

  1. Events starting and ending times;
  2. County roads which will be traveled or closed;
  3. The number of event participants expected;
  4. The maximum number of event participants allowed;
  5. Advanced posting of the event location or route;
  6. Traffic control signing and barricades;
  7. Traffic and event participant monitors;
  8. Trained special event traffic monitors: Such monitors will only be required if a training program is available and where, in the opinion of the director, such specialized training is required for the safety of the public;
  9. Adequate, safe parking for event participants;
  10. Adequate off road staging area for event participants;
  11. Arrangements for emergency services for participants;
  12. Sanitation facilities for event participants;
  13. Event route signs for directing participants;
  14. Sweep vehicles to pick up stragglers or injured participants, route signs, litter, barricades, cones or other traffic control devices;
  15. Communication of pedestrian/bicycle/equestrian road use responsibilities described California Vehicle Code to trail ride, walkathon, run, marathon or bicycle race participants;
  16. Return, replacement or repair of traffic control devices or other equipment provided by the department of transportation and public works;
  17. Other matters which the director determines may significantly affect the safety or welfare of event participants of vehicular traffic. (Ord. No. 4833, 1994.)

Sec. 15-34. Appeals.

The applicant has the right to appeal to the board of supervisors any condition, or conditions, of the permit or the nonissuance of a permit.

In order to initiate an appeal, the permit applicant shall file a written notice with the clerk of the board of supervisors within five (5) working days of a denial of application or receipt of a conditionally approved permit. The appeal shall be considered at the first regular meeting of said board to be determined in accordance with the established agenda scheduling procedure. (Ord. No. 3508 1.)

(Revised 12-94)