Lafferty Park atop Sonoma Mountain as seen from Petaluma Lafferty Park Flower photos Winter cascade of Adobe Creek in Lafferty Park
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On this page we present a few of the photographs taken by Jeanette Loew of flowers on Lafferty Park during several trips to the property on official city business.

We are grateful to Steve Ayala, website manager for the Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris ( ) for his assitance in identifying these flowers.

Domestic iris photographed in the vicinity of the old homestead site, presumably naturalized over a period of many decades

Mimulus Guttatus, Seep-spring
monkey flower (native)

Vivia Sativa, Vetch

Trifolium pratense, Red clover

Geranium dissectum, Cut-leaf geranium

Ranunculus californicus, California buttercup (native)