Sam Schuchat
Executive Director
State Coastal Conservancy
1330 Broadway, 11th Floor
CA 94612

June 19, 2003

Dear Mr. Schuchat:

I was contacted by Neil Fishman of the Conservancy to get a response to the offer from Mary Mitsui for a trail easement across her property on Sonoma Mountain.

Although the existing County General Plan adopted in 1989 does not show a trail across Sonoma Mountain, the Draft Outdoor Recreation Plan, prepared by the Regional Parks Department does show a trail cross Sonoma Mountain from Petaluma to Jack London State Park. The actual alignment of the trail has not yet been determined, but the proposal from Mary Mitsui could provide a corridor that could be explored for possible future trail development.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Philip Sales

Philip Sales RLA
Park Planning and Design Administrator

Supervisor Mike Kerns
Supervisor Mike Reilly
Neil Fishman, Coastal Conservancy
Jim Angelo, Director Regional Parks