Images of the April 29, 2002 "A Walk to the Park"
Photographs by Deanna Issel


Part of the group standing at the gate, with Lafferty Park in the background. Some of the 40-some walkers had already started back when this photo was taken.

Part of the group at the Lafferty gate


Kim Nadeau (not her best picture) poses with Deanna, the photographer. Note the dearth of police cars on Sonoma Mountain road. There appeared to be no dedicated police presence at all on this walk, just an occasional routine patrol car.

Kim and Deanna


Dave Libchitz in front of the Lafferty gate. The hills in the background are part of Peter Pfendler's property..

Dave Libchitz at Lafferty gate.


Larry Modell, looking a bit like Pancho Villa, in front of the Lafferty gate. The cattle in the background are on Al Bettman's property -- Lafferty is to the left of the fenceline.

Larry Modell at Lafferty gate.