Images of the January 13, 2002 "A Walk to the Park"
Photographs by Scott Hess (1 of 3)


Walking alongside Adobe Road as the valley fog begins to lift.

Walk to Lafferty Park, 01-13-02, along Adobe Road


Starting up Sonoma Mountain Road toward Lafferty. The top of the mountain gradually comes into view.

Bottom of Sonoma Mountain Road


A friendly reception for thirsty hikers at the Lafferty gate.

Kids with juice at Lafferty gate.


Lafferty activist Patricia Tuttle-Brown chats with a California Highway Patrol officer as walkers begin to arrive at Lafferty gate area.

Lafferty activist Patricia Tuttle-Brown chats with a CHP officer


Petaluma City police, Sheriff's Deputies, and CHP wait opposite the Lafferty gate.

Police cars at Lafferty gate


The group arrives at the Lafferty gate.

The group rallies with signs around Lafferty gate

More event photos (2 of 3) by Scott Hess