Images of the February 24, 2002 "A Walk to the Park"
Photographs by Yigal Toister

Gathering on the roof of the Keller Street garage. Great view of Sonoma Mountain and Lafferty (centered in this photo) on this crystal-clear day.

Gathering at Keller St. garage roof.


Ron Walters is on the left, David Keller on the right.

Walkers gather; Ron Walters and David Keller


Bill Kortum (straw hat) and Pam Torliatt (center front) and others listen to the safety talk.

Bill Kortum, Pam Torliatt, and others listen to the safety talk


Filmmaker John Bertucci.

John Bertucci


A young enthusiast holds up a sign with the theme of this month's march: "Lafferty and Justice for All!"

Child with sign, Lafferty and Justice for All!


Jamming during the break at Prince Park, on the eastern edge of Petaluma.

Music jam at Prince Park


Around 100 walkers follow the flag, fife, and drum to the Lafferty gate.

Marching up to the Lafferty gate


Fife (actually tinwhistile, Larry Modell), flag (Jerry Price), and drum (Robert Ramirez) at the gate with part of Lafferty's Adobe Creek canyon visible in the background.

Fife and drum and flag at Lafferty gate


Our welcoming committee. A line of Sheriff's and other police vehicles. For FLP's view of the police response to this event, see our letter to Sheriff Piccinini.

Sheriff's Dept. tactical unit vehicles

Open Lafferty!