More Images of the March 24, 2002 "A Walk to the Park"
Photographs by Yigal Toister


Gathering at Lafferty gate. The lilies at lower left were brought up in memory of Dan Jaffe, a local bookstore owner and an early and ardent Lafferty supporter. Photographer Yigal Toister is at center in the dark shirt.

Flower at Lafferty gate for Dan Jaffe


Walkers unfurl and hold the piece of cloth that will become the Lafferty community quilt, to infuse it with the energy of the place. The cloth was carried up the mountain by Bruce Hagen, center.

Unfurling the Lafferty community quilt


Getting ready to sing "This Land is Your (Lafferty) Land", with the quilt cloth unfurled.

The quilt cloth unfurled.


Rick Pearse leads his song, "Mountaintop Cathedtral," with the h-man accompanying.

Rick Pearse sings "Mountaintop Cathedtral"


Continuing Rick's song. Nice view of Lafferty's Adobe Creek Canyon in the background.

More singing.


Everyone sings except intrepid videographer Jonathan Blease.

More singing.


Open Lafferty!