Images of the May 19, 2002 "A Walk to the Park"
Photographs by Yigal Toister


The group gathers in the unusual late-May rainstorm at Prince Park. Should we walk or drive this time?

Group gathers in the rain at Prince Park -- walk or drive?


We drove. We pose in the rain in front of a rainy Lafferty background.

We drove -- pose in the rain in front of the Lafferty gate.


Same shot, a bit closer.

Continuing up Sonoma Mountain Road


Bruce deposits a handful of "quarry fines" (small gravel) in front of the Lafferty Park gate. This is the environmentally-friendly, water permeable material that will be used for the driveway, parking lot, and wheelchair-accessible trail on Lafferty Park. This action symbolizes the start of the access infrastructure for the future park. Each of the other participants followed suit.

Bruce deposits "quarry fines" in front of the gate.


Open Lafferty!