Lafferty Ranch Historical Maps

The following map fragments were provided by Anne Trussell, a Lafferty Ranch park supporter in Sacramento who has determined she is a direct descendant of Marshall Lafferty. She found this map in the California room of the California State Library in Sacramento.

(See also these close-ups of this maps, focusing on the connection between the Lafferty property and Sonoma Mountain road.)

Anne writes of the first map:

"A book with some wonderful old maps of Sonoma County is 'Historical Atlas Map of Sonoma County,' Thos. H. Thompson, 1877.  On each map, the lots are labeled with the owners name, lot #, lot size.  There's a drawing on Marshall Lafferty's lot that appears to be a curved road leading to a building (the house, maybe?) and what appear to be two cultivated fields or orchards.  Southwest of the fields and on the edge of the property is a small pond or lake."

1877 map:

1877 map of Lafferty Ranch on Sonoma Mountain

1898 map:

1898 map of former Lafferty Ranch on Sonoma Mountain

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